About Liinu’n Organic Beauty

Liinu’n organic beauty is all about pure clean beauty that goes beyond skin. The selection of brands is curated carefully with knowledge and heart. All our products are pure and natural and while they transform your skin to the best version of itself they work wonders to heal and fortify your energy, too. Bring yourself to your most vibrant self.

My promise to you:
– All products that you order from Liinu’n organic beauty are natural, super high quality  and always fresh. Products don’t sit in the shelves for a long time. As a small company it’s possible to manage the stock rotation carefully and that’s why you’ll receive you products very soon after they’ve been manufactured.

– Every order is sent with love. You’ll receive your products wrapped in silk paper with a hand written note from me. Complimentary testers will always be added to help you fall in love with new favourite products. If you ever need help with choosing the right products for you, I am always happy to help you via e-mail.


Liinu’n organic beauty is an organic skincare boutique and beauty salon located in Helsinki, Finland, and an web shop delivering organic beauty products within European area. The brands and the way of working is engineered by the owner, Karoliina Rauhala, who is a organic beauty specialist, beauty therapist and shiatsu healer. During her career Karoliina has developed a deep knowledge of how skin works and what is needed to bring it back to balance and luminosity. The boutique specializes in high quality, most advanced organic niche brands that bring real results. Liinu’n organic beauty has been the first to introduce  many brands to the Finnish and Scandinavian market, eg. Vintner’s daughter, In Fiore, de Mamiel skin, Kypris beauty and Rms beauty.

Each order is sent with love. Karoliina packs your products and hand-wraps them in silk paper, adding a hand written note for you. Samples will be added to your order so you can get acquaint with new, organic favourites.