Abel Vita odor parfume – Green cedar 15 ml


green cedar by abel is a 100% natural and vegan fragrance. the unique combination of a twice distilled texas cedar and wild harvested atlas mountain cedar make for a distinctive, intoxicating fragrance.

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Abel perfumes are dynamic, intimate, 100% natural fragrances that last all day on the skin. Green Cedar is a unique combination of clean, dry Texas cedar and sweet, rich and opulent Atlas Mountain cedar. Combined with unexpected notes of natural magnolia, cypriol, cardamom, and smoky guaiac wood, the result is an intoxicating and distinctive fragrance that’s perfect for both women and men.

Top notes: magnolia, cardamom
Heart notes: cypriol, guaiac wood
Base note: Texas and Atlas Mountains cedar

all ingredients are derived from natural sources. abel guarantees fairtrade and sustainable farming practices.

magnolia flower oil – china
cardamom oil – india
cardamom oil – guatemala
angelica root oil – belgium
chamomile oil – egypt
cumin oil – egypt
cypriol oil – india
guaiac wood oil – paraguay
ambroxide – china *naturally derived ambergris note
ambrettolide – india *naturally derived musk note
cedarwood oil – atlas mountains, morocco
cedarwood oil (twice distilled) – texas, usa
grain alcohol (not denatured) – italy *organic

15 ml glass bottle