Yin Your Skin NIVA gua sha spoon


A spoon shaped gua sha tool is great for treating the whole face and especially beneficial for reducing puffiness around the eye area.
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NIVA spoon is the most effective tool for activating lymph circulation and reducing puffiness. By small, pumping, wave-like motions, it encourages fluids into motion. It is tool number one for sensitive skin and the skin around the eyes, allowing a very gentle yet effective treatment. The side of the spoon is great for scraping wrinkles. The thin end brings an extra boost to treating sagging skin and scalp, and the other end is perfect for targeting acupuncture points.

In Finnish, NIVA is a word describing an arctic river with a wild, powerful stream. These pure and crystalline waters are always in free motion. Running and circulating, washing away any blockages with ease.

*NIVA spoon is part of Yin Your Skin® holistic beauty concept by Katja Kokko. Treasuring the millennia-old Gua Sha self-care tradition, NIVA Yin Your Skin® tool is made of 100 % Xiuyan-jade in China. Each piece is unique. Just like you.

A lubricant is used in gua sha to make sure the tool glides smoothly on the skin – a high-quality skin oil works best. Do the gua sha at the end of your normal skin care regimen. Hydrate the skin with an essence or toner and apply oil. You can also use your regular serum and moisturizer before applying oil.

After use, clean the comb with soap and water and dry carefully. Disinfect the tool if treating someone else.

As the tools are made from natural stone, each tool is unique and may vary in colour.